Cultural Tourism

  • Aboriginal Tourism in Canada – Atiik Aski: Land of the Caribou – 1273KB

    A guide to developing community-based and Aboriginal tourism. The guide identifies and describes eight best practices derived from a community tourism development strategic planning process carried out over two years by 13 communities in northwestern Manitoba and eastern Saskatchewan.

    This case study of the Northwest Manitoba Regional Tourism Strategy, Atiik Askii: Land of the Caribou, identifies and describes eight best practices derived from a community tourism development strategic planning process carried out over two years by 13 communities — 12 located in northwestern Manitoba and one in eastern Saskatchewan. Community and economic development practitioners attempting community tourism development may find that considering and/or adopting these practices in their planning processes can help stakeholders ensure and enrich a successful outcome. The study is based on field interviews with those key participants in the strategic planning process.

  • Attracting Audiences in Ontario’s Big Cities: Attractions at Home and while Travelling among Toronto and Ottawa Residents – 286KB (2002)

    Major attractions in the Toronto area (including the Art Gallery of Ontario, McMichael Canadian Art Collection, Ontario Science Centre, Royal Botanical Gardens, Royal Ontario Museuem, the Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership, and the City of Toronto) provided support for Research Resolutions & Consulting Ltd. to undertake a special analysis of Statistics Canada’s Tourism Activity and Motivation Survey (TAMS) from a resident perspective. The project was designed to provide attractions in the Toronto and Ottawa/Hull Census Metropolitan Areas (CMAs) with a better understanding of what types of cultural and entertainment activities residents participate in at home and when they travel.


  • Canada’s Heritage Tourism Enthusiasts – A Special Analysis of the Travel Activities and Motivation Survey (TAMS): Executive Summary – 118KB (2002)

    In order to obtain a better understanding of the potential size, characteristics and interests of Canadian activity-based market segments, the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) commissioned Research Resolutions & Consulting Ltd. to undertake special analyses and reports based on the Travel Activities and Motivation Survey (TAMS). This report focuses on Heritage Tourism Enthusiasts — Canadians who have taken leisure trips in Canada and exhibit a particular interest in heritage-oriented activities when they travel.

  • Cultural and Heritage Tourism in Australia – 585KB (2006)

    Domestic and international visitors participate in a range of activities while travelling in Australia. This snapshot presents a profile of domestic and
    international visitors who participated in cultural and heritage activities during 2006.

  • Cultural Tourism and Business Opportunities for Museums and Heritage Sites – 224KB (2002)

    This paper considers the opportunities for the continued development of cultural tourism, with a focus on museums and heritage sites in urban settings. It is based on the main findings of the cultural tourism strategy completed last year by LORD Cultural Resources for the Province of Ontario. The study is called Strategic Directions for Ontario’s Cultural Tourism Product. The central strategies developed in that study will be applied to the notion that heritage organizations need to communicate to existing and potential supporters their important role in helping to meet not only the preservation and educational needs of a community, but also wider community needs such as tourism, economic development and downtown revitalization.

  • Cultural Tourism vs. Sport Tourism vs. Event Tourism – 59KB (2003)

    Brief discussion paper on the frequent competition between culture and sport for tourism development funding and keeping the focus of tourism development on community development. Written for the Creative City Network.

  • Factors Influencing Visitor’s Choices of Urban Destinations in North America – 1260KB (2004)

    The purpose of this study was to quantify the factors that influence consumers’ choices of large urban destinations in North America. The results of the study are meant to help planners in evaluating the tourism impacts of projects under consideration. The study includes 10 Canadian cities and 40 US cities. “Attractors” were grouped into 4 categories: Arts & Culture, Environment & Built Form, Entertainment, and Accommodation & Food.

  • Halifax Regional Municipality, NS – Heritage Tourism Strategy – 545KB (2001)

    In 1996, the Halifax Regional Municipality began a process of review and consolidation of heritage and cultural services. In 1998, the mandate of the Halifax Regional Tourism Department was expanded to include heritage and culture. In 1999, staff were brought together from planning and museum branches and tasked to meet with the community to develop a heritage strategy that met three goals: to improve public efficiency, reduce dependency on the municipality and to enhance sustainable opportunities. The HRM Heritage Tourism Strategy was developed in 2001 to address these goals.

  • Okanagan Region, BC – The Okanagan Cultural Corridor – 92KB (2004)

    The Okanagan Cultural Corridor is a cultural tourism initiative encompassing 3 regional districts, over 25 communities, and more than 210 cultural providers. The Kelowna-based organization functions as a regional marketing and development vehicle for cultural tourism. It is working to develop cultural tourism routes in the region, set up a tourism performance tracking program for cultural attractions, and create a ‘clearing house’ of information, tools and advocacy for the entire cultural sector in the Okanagan and Similkameen Valleys of British Columbia. An update written by Sandra Kochan for the Creative City Network, March 2004.

  • Ontario Analyses of Travel Activities and Motivations Survey – 94KB

    A series of research reports based on special analyses of the Travel Activities and Motivation Survey can be downloaded from the website of the Ontario Ministry of Tourism and Recreation. This is the Table of Contents. Some cultural tourism-related examples: Cultural and Entertainment Segmentation Report; The Opera Market of the Toronto–Oshawa Hamilton Region; The Market for Live Theatre in the Toronto–Oshawa Hamilton Region; The Market for Live Theatre, Opera & Ballet in Selected U.S. States & Cities; Aboriginal Tourism Report; The Impact of Aging the Canadian Market on Tourism in Ontario.


  • Ontario’s Overnight Cultural Tourist Market 2004 and Its Economic Impact in Ontario – 631KB (2006)

    This report focuses on overnight cultural visitors to Ontario in 2004 — visitors from Canada or abroad who: participated in cultural activities; visited a zoo, museum, art gallery, historic site or natural history display; attended festivals, fairs, cultural events, or aboriginal/native cultural activities.

  • Place as Product: A Place-Based Approach to Cultural Tourism (2013)

    “Cultural tourism is a fast-growing and lucrative segment of the North American travel industry. However, for a city or region to realize its potential for cultural tourism, its destination marketing organization (DMO) must: possess a holistic understanding of culture, understand the city or region’s cultural character, and understand the travel motivations and behaviours of cultural tourists. These “three understandings” then become the basis for cultural tourism that is place-based rather than attractions-based. Capitalizing on a destination’s unique identity, cultural character, and “sense of place”, placed-based cultural tourism maximizes a destination’s appeal to cultural tourists, and maximizes a destination’s profit from cultural tourism. ”

    This article originally appeared in the September 2008 issue of Municipal World. Revised in 2013.