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Presented by the Public Art Network, the Public Art Year in Review highlights what is new and exciting about Canada’s public art sector. The Year in Review recognizes artwork of all scope and scale, with an emphasis on the diverse ways artists and municipalities respond to their local environments.
Selected artworks will be featured at the Waterloo Creative City Summit this October.
CCNC encourages all member municipalities, developers, and artists across Canada to submit to the Year in Review to showcase what is new and exciting in their locale. All scope and scale – small to large, emerging to established – are eligible. Leap in!
  • Submissions may include civic, private, or community based permanent/transitory artworks or programs.
  • All artworks must have been completed or programs debuted in the 2019, 2020, and 2021 calendar years.
  • Submissions are limited to TWO per applicant. It is strongly suggested that commissioning agencies and artists work together on the application to ensure duplicate applications are not received.
  • Artistic Merit
  • Process
  • Impact
  • Diversity of voice
  • Site specificity
When making selections, the jury will also consider geographical diversity, range in community size, array of project types and budgets.
See full info and submission guidelines here:

Public Art can celebrate a community’s history or a particular site and inspire the public to look at their environment in different way. Public art is central to community building and local cultural development as it animates public space. 

Public Art and CCNC

The Creative City Network of Canada is committed to connecting the public art community and to providing valuable and up-to-date information for those who practise in the field.

CCNC hopes to engage artists; public art program administrators and project managers; curators; historians; conservators; designers; fabricators; architects and landscape architects; private developers; city councils; private donors; local businesses; and the public in raising the level of support for the development of meaningful public art in communities across Canada.

CCNC’s Public Art Network Council (PAN) is made up of public art program administrators representing  public art programs and initiatives across Canada. PAN meets monthly to assist CCNC in its public art engagement, online content, and event programming. 

Public Art Toolkit

The Public Art Toolkit (Creative City Network of Canada, 2010) is intended as a guide when planning a public art program or evaluating an existing one. It contains resources for the management of public art projects. It remains a relevant resource even as public art evolves.

The Toolkit includes: public art overview; different points of views; details on all phases of completing a public art project/program; links to examples and resources from around the world; detailed case studies and project examples of varying scales; illustrative photos from public art projects; and a compilation of links to key web-based resources. From this valuable resource, communities will gain enhanced knowledge on planning and maintaining public art projects and programs, and will develop better capacity to deliver such projects and programs.

The CCNC Public Art Toolkit continues to be available in our Resource Library.

Resources for Public Art

Alberta Public Art Network
Americans for the Arts Public Art Network

Municipal Public Art Collections & Maps

City of Barrie, ON Public Art Map
City of Burnaby, BC: Public Art Map; Collection
City of Vancouver, BC
City of Winnipeg, MB Public Art Collection 

Municipal Public Art Policies & Plans

City of Burnaby, BC
Public Art Policy (2023)

City of Kingston
Public Art Master Plan

City of Ottawa
Public Art Policy (English)

Public Art Policy (French)

City of Prince Albert 
Public Art Policy
Public Art Long-Term Plan

City of Prince George
Public Art Policy

City of Richmond
Public Art Policy
Public Art Plan

Strathcona County
Public Art Plan

City of Winnipeg
Public Art Policy