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Cultural Resilience: Using Innovation to Stabilize in Times of Crisis

In the summer of 2021, CCNC asked Canadians to share stories of culture organizations who changed things up during the pandemic to keep their art on offer, to maintain revenue and audiences, or to find new audiences. We collected over 200 stories from across the country!

In total, over 200 such stories were collected by Hill Strategies Research from all provinces and two territories. The results were completely inspiring and exceptional. The final report documents how artists and organizations stabilized revenue, maintained audiences, or created new streams of revenue during the pandemic. “The artists’ outside-of-the-box thinking demonstrates the strength of Canada’s culture sector. The report as a whole is a storied collection of inspiring Canadian innovation.” -Executive Director Kathleen Darby.

The data will be invaluable for every level of government looking to develop programs and policy that supports innovation in the cultural sector.

In Phase Two, new professional development tools for cultural and creative industries have been created in collaboration with project partners, the Cultural Human Resources Council and Les Arts et la Ville. This interactive 3-hour training workshop will being touring Canada in the summer of 2022. It will be available in English and French to arts and culture organizations throughout Canada. 

“Amidst multiple crises and challenges that society continues to face, the report showcases the innovative ways that artists and arts, culture, and heritage organizations have found to not only survive but thrive through their creativity and resilience. This fills me with hope and inspiration. This work reminds us that the arts nourish our communities and help us confront difficult times together with courage and open hearts.”

– Roda Muse, Secretary General of the Canadian Commission for UNESCO

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