Regional Meetings

What is a Regional Meeting?

Regional meetings serve as a benefit to existing CCNC members to provide an opportunity to share best practices and innovative ideas as well as discuss common challenges.

What does CCNC Provide?

In addition to funding CCNC supports regional meetings by providing resources available from past meetings and staff support, including registration set up, templates, promotional materials, contacts, and more. 

Application Guidelines

  • Must be a CCNC member in good standing at the time of application and meeting date;
  • Funding will be provided on the basis of geography, impact, as well as alignment with CCNC’s mission and vision.


For more information contact the office at [email protected].

“Regional meetings are an effective way to build awareness, knowledge, and partnerships with colleagues in the region. On Vancouver Island, it has been an opportunity to share our work, look for collaborations and discuss the uniqueness of cultural development on the west coast and on an island!”

– Nichola Reddington, City of Victoria, BC

“What is unique about the Creative City Network regional meetings is the opportunity to meet with your neighbour Network members and not have to travel too far. The meetings focus on topics that are of interest to people in the region, and leverage local partnerships and experts. I always meet new community leaders through the regional meetings and learn a lot from them. It is like a live local Creative City Listserv experience – but better, because you can see everyone!”

– Elena Bird, City of Toronto, ON

2022 Regional Meetings

Information on 2022 Regional Meetings will be released soon.

2021 Regional Dialogue Sessions

The 2021 CCNC Regional Dialogue Sessions were short conferences for culture professionals across Canada. Calls were hosted by a regional representative and focused conversation on concerns specific to each region. Special Guest Dr. Nancy Duxbury joined calls to discuss Cultural Tourism and Mapping.

2021 Program at a Glance

  1. Attendee roundtable
  2. Q&A with special guest Nancy Duxbury
  3. Small-group brainstorms
  4. Networking with the Region

The Creative Cities Canada miniseries podcast (part of MacEwan University’s Artful Conversations) is set for release between February and April, 2021. Featuring three leaders in the Canadian and international cultural policy landscape, this miniseries will be a must-listen for culture workers in this country.

Q&A with Nancy Duxbury

Prior to the Regional Dialogue Sessions, registrants will be given access to Episode 1 featuring host Annetta Latham in conversation with cultural tourism scholar and contributing founder of CCNC, Nancy Duxbury.

Registrants will also have access to Ms. Duxbury’s article “Cultural and creative work in rural and remote areas: an emerging international conversation” prior to the event. Questions around the article as well as CREATOUR will be welcome during the Q&A as well.

CCNC is thrilled to welcome Nancy Duxbury as the special guest for the Regional Dialogue Sessions. Nancy will join us from Portugal for a Q&A about her work and research and respond to any questions from the pre-event podcast episode.

Nancy Duxbury