Culture Statistics Strategy

The Culture Statistics Strategy (CSS) is a partnership program with the Department of Canadian Heritage (PCH) and Statistics Canada that sources and compiles invaluable data on Culture’s economic and qualitative impacts within Canada. CCNC municipal members have an opportunity to partner in this project each year, receiving GDP and employment data sets for their municipality.  

Order your data

To access data for your municipality, become a CSS municipal partner by submitting a request for approval to [email protected]. Partners will be accepted up until September annually, however, we encourage those interested to inquire by March in order to ensure data delivery by the fall. Once a municipality is approved for partnership, they will not be required to request approval again.

Each year, partnership includes one order of localized GDP and culture job data. Partners are required to renew their status in CSS every year to continue receiving data purchases.

Now is the time to invest in CSS as we track the impact and recovery from COVID-19 of the culture sector at the municipal level.

“Good data is a key pillar in making the case for culture. Through CCNC’s participation in the Cultural Statistics Strategy, municipalities get direct access to the most up-to-date cultural statistics in the country, and biannual meetings with a peer research group to test new ideas”

– Elena Bird, City of Toronto, ON


Partners receive two data sets each year: GDP and culture sector employment for the year and total GDP and employment from 2010 through present. Data are measured for two years prior to the year of order. Data sets are confidentially sourced and delivered to partners in the fall each year.

In addition to data sets, partners receive an infographic to illustrate data and summarize the impact of culture on the local economy.

2019 infographic example

“The data we received from [CCNC] last year through partnership has been especially valuable as we’re working on updating our Culture Plan.”

 – 2022 CSS Partner


CSS fees are based on population size. If you are interested in becoming a partner, please contact CCNC at [email protected] for more information.

Order fees are based on population size at a per-person rate.

Beginning May 1, 2022, first-time partners or partners returning after a lapse will be required to pay a one-time joining fee in addition to their order fee. This helps support the work undertaken to produce historical data on their behalf.