Community Building

  • Creativity and Neighbourhood Development: Strategies for Community Investment – 2604KB (2007)

    The starting point for this document was a review of literature on the creative sector and community change guided by Mark Stern and Susan Seifert from SIAP. Next, staff from TRF interviewed people involved in community development and cultural activity in Philadelphia and Baltimore, two cities that exemplify the plight of post-industrial urban centers. We then examined the arts and culture-related investments within TRF’s portfolio and reflected on how those investments relate to TRF’s model of investor-driven change.

  • The Arts and Social Capital – 43KB

    The Saguaro Seminar: Civic Engagement in America is an initiative of Professor Robert D. Putnam at John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University focused on the study of “social capital” (the value of social networks) and community engagement.