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Cultural Tourism is not new, but is certainly coming to the forefront in most cities, towns and regions across Canada. More and more visitors are choosing their holiday destinations based on the variety and quality of the cultural product. Governments, convention and visitors associations, museums, and cultural attractions have commissioned studies, reports and action plans outlining the benefits and importance of cultural tourism for a healthy visitor experience.

What is Cultural Tourism?
There is no one, all-encompassing definition of cultural tourism. Simply put, cultural tourism means experiencing a cultural activity while outside of your home community. This simple definition includes a full range of travellers and activities. A business traveller who spends a couple of hours in an art gallery between meetings is as much a cultural tourist as someone who spends an entire week at a major festival.

What is Creative Tourism?
Creative tourism is a development of cultural tourism but goes a step further, encouraging participation, not simply observation. "Creative tourism involves learning a skill on holiday that is part of the culture of the country or community being visited. Creative tourists develop their creative potential, and get closer to local people, by actively participating in workshops and learning experiences that draw on the culture of their holiday destinations. " — from Creative Tourism New Zealand [website]

What is Enrichment Tourism, and how does it relate to Cultural Tourism?
Enrichment tourism is an even more inclusive term that broadly groups learning travel, cultural travel, ecological travel and cuisine experiences. One of the main elements that often, but not always, defines enrichment tourism is active participation. From the perspective of culture, a traveller who attends a two-week writing workshop at their destination is definitely experiencing enrichment travel.

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