Urban Renewal and Revitalization

Culture-based initiatives have been essential to urban revitalization and urban renewal programs in Canada. The arts ensure a community's habitat reflects who residents are and how they live.

Click below for the PDF version of Urban Renewal and Revitalization section of Making the Case, as well as Profiles. 

Profile researchers/writers of profiles:
Claire Dimond-Gibson, Elise Finnigan, Katie Warfield and Steven R. Dang, with additions by Creative City Network members and friends.

Background Photo Credit:
Fort York National Historic Site, Toronto, ON
  • Urban Renewal and Revitalization [PDF]
  • Urban Renewal Anchored on Legacy and Community: Edmonton's Churchill Square
  • Youth Reclaiming & Transforming their Environment: The story of Greater Victoria's Trackside Art Gallery
  • Integrating Urban Design and Cultural Activity for Cultural Connection and Vibrancy: Halifax urban renewal
  • Designing a Space for Arts and Culture: The story of Quebec City's St. Roch Quarter
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