Quality of Life/Quality of Place

Culture, long overlooked as tools for garnering quality of life, is now being recognized as a means to community building, encouraging outdoor activity, healthy lifestyles, life-long learning, increasing accessibility to programmes for all levels of society, and celebrating diversity and cultural differences.

Click below for the PDF version of Quality of Life/Quality of Place section of Making the Case, as well as Profiles.

Profile researchers/writers of profiles:
Claire Dimond-Gibson, Elise Finnigan, Katie Warfield and Steven R. Dang, with additions by Creative City Network members and friends.

Picture Credit: Image appearing above - Evelina Sushko in Atlantic Ballet Theatre of Canada’s original production MERLIN. Photo by Mike Szaszik.


Background Photo Credit:
DIY Field by Germaine Koh, Winnipeg, MB - Photo by Leif Norman
  • Quality of Life/Quality of Place [PDF]
  • Saskatoon's Writing Culture: A Naturally born character-enhancing industry
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