Personal and Social Development of Youth

The ability to engage and motive children and youth from all socioeconomic levels in education and community is a respected strength of arts and culture.

Click below for the PDF version of Personal and Social Development of Youth section of Making the Case, as well as Profiles.

Profile researchers/writers of profiles:
Claire Dimond-Gibson, Elise Finnigan, Katie Warfield and Steven R. Dang, with additions by Creative City Network members and friends.

Background Photo Credit:
Canadian Museum of Civilization, Ottawa Tourism
  • Personal and Social Development and Youth [PDF]
  • Creating Leaders through the Arts: The story of Ottawa's Arts Leadership Training Program
  • Self-Determined Mentorship for At-Risk Young People: The story of Regina's Street Culture Kidz Project Inc.
  • Legitimizing Creative Youth Expression: The story of St. John's Legal Graffiti wall
  • ArtReach Toronto: Reaching out to youth in under-served areas to lead in the arts
  • Creative Youth Development & Diplomacy: The story of Toronto's Creative Youth Envoy
  • Empowering Street-Involved Youth through Art: The story of Sketch in Toronto
  • Intervention through Circus and Magic: The story of Winnipeg's Circus and Magic Partnership
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