Making Exact Change: How U.S. arts-based programs have made a significant and sustained impact on their communities – 4456KB (2005)

The purpose of this policy is to contribute to Prince George as BC’s Northern Arts Capital, to contribute to the excellent quality of life of its citizens and to help develop and enhance social, environmental and economic opportunities by promoting art in public places.

In the fall of 2004, API approached the Center for the Study of Art & Community (CSA&C) for assistance with the proposed research. This study was undertaken to help the growing but largely disconnected community arts field learn from its most venerable and successful colleagues. Its focus is exemplary arts-based programs that have had a significant and sustained positive impact on their communities. For the purposes of this inquiry “significant and sustained positive impact” is defined as change leading to the long-term advancement of human dignity, health and/or productivity. “Long-term” in this context is defined as a minimum of ten years.