Landmark Study Sheds Light on Profound Benefits of the Performing Arts – 3214KB(full report) (2013)

Performing arts presenting generates a wide range of benefits for Canadians, the communities they live in and society at large, according to a report prepared by Strategic Moves and released today by the Canadian Arts Presenting Association (CAPACOA). The Value of Presenting: A Study of Performing Arts Presentation in Canada includes a comprehensive historical and contemporary overview of the performing arts ecosystem. It reveals that performing arts are valued by the vast majority of Canadians – across socio-economic differences – and it provides a new perspective on younger Canadians’ interest in live performing arts. Most importantly, the study identifies a broad range of public benefits associated with performing arts presentation, including better health and well-being, greater energy and vitality in communities, and a more caring and cohesive society.

The Value of Presenting: A Study of Performing Arts Presentation in Canada (2011-2013) is the culmination of two years of intensive study and exploration designed to envision performing arts presenters’ current and future roles within the performing arts ecosystem, in their communities and in society at large. This study was commissioned by the Canadian Arts Presenting Association (CAPACOA), in partnership with the regional and other presenting networks and an advisory committee of sector representatives. The research and consultations process was designed and undertaken by Strategic Moves in collaboration with EKOS Research Associates for quantitative surveying. This work represents the largest pan-Canadian study to date in the performing arts presenting field.