• An International Literature Review and Inventory of Resources – 5754KB (2009)

    Developing and Revitalizing Rural Communities Through Arts and Creativity

  • Annotated Bibliography – 801KB (2009)

    The purpose of this policy is to contribute to Prince George as BC’s Northern Arts Capital, to contribute to the excellent quality of life of its citizens and to help develop and enhance social, environmental and economic opportunities by promoting art in public places.

  • Arts and Positive Change in Communities – 1603KB (2005)

    Dialogue opens up through the arts because it deals with meanings, addresses emotions, and helps identify and define individuals and the communities where they live.

  • Building Community Identity and Pride – 1170KB (2005)

    Culture brings together networks of individuals strengthening social bonds, creating common memories and a democracy in which people want to participate.

  • Culture as an Economic Engine – 253KB (2005)

    Growth is inevitable when culture is used as a tool. It brands, creates job growth, spin-off businesses and competition.

  • Executive Summary

    The Intermunicipal Comparative Framework: Phase One Pilot Executive Summary

  • Full Document available in French – 2805KB (2009)

    Édifier et dynamiser les collectivités rurales par le biais des arts et de la créativité : Une analyse documentaire

  • Landmark Study Sheds Light on Profound Benefits of the Performing Arts – 3214KB (full report) (2013)

    April 29, 2013 – Performing arts presenting generates a wide range of benefits for Canadians, the communities they live in and society at large, according to a report prepared by Strategic Moves and released today by the Canadian Arts Presenting Association (CAPACOA). The Value of Presenting: A Study of Performing Arts Presentation in Canada includes a comprehensive historical and contemporary overview of the performing arts ecosystem. It reveals that performing arts are valued by the vast majority of Canadians – across socio-economic differences – and it provides a new perspective on younger Canadians’ interest in live performing arts. Most importantly, the study identifies a broad range of public benefits associated with performing arts presentation, including better health and well-being, greater energy and vitality in communities, and a more caring and cohesive society.

  • Managing Cultural Services in Canada (PDF)

    A survey and inventory of municipal cultural plans/policies, as well as the structure and management of municipal cultural services.

  • Placeholder

    Managing Cultural Services in Canada (XLS)

    An inventory of civic owned and/or operated cultural facilities whose primary use is for the creation or exhibition of artistic activities (including but not limited to theatres, recital halls, rehearsal spaces, warehouse spaces dedicated to arts programming, amphitheatres, art galleries, art studios. It does not include museums and/or archives, live/work spaces, general parkland or fairgrounds, public art, private or not for profit owned cultural facilities, or community centres unless artistic programming and artistic activities are the primary user).

  • Managing Public Art – 264KB

    A survey on municipal public art policies, plans, and programs and an inventory of public art installations in place and in development.

  • Municipal Cultural Investments in Five Large Canadian Cities

    A study prepared for the City of Vancouver, the City of Calgary, the City of Toronto, the City of Ottawa and the Ville de Montréal. By Kelly Hill, Hill Strategies Research, January 2012. This report compares the cultural investment in five of Canada’s largest cities: Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa and Montréal. This report is the product of a collaborative effort between cultural staff members in the five large cities, a collaboration that was made possible thanks to the work of the Creative City Network of Canada.

  • Per capita funding of culture by major municipalities – 46KB (2002)

    Halstead, Joe (June 2002). Prepared for City of Toronto, Culture and Tourism. City of Toronto staff report on the development of per capita funding of culture benchmarks by major municipalities that includes both direct activity and general grant funding.

  • Personal and Social Development and Youth – 430KB (2005)

    Engaging and motivating children and youth is easily accomplished through the arts, promoting their well-being while teaching them empathy and tolerance.

  • Phase One Pilot Report

    The Intermunicipal Comparative Framework Project: Phase One Pilot Report. 2006 Creative City Network of Canada.