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CCNC Creative City Summits, Monthly E-News, Press Room and Public Art Forum.


Meeting your colleagues face to face is an essential part of networking. The first Creative City Network of Canada annual meeting was held in Vancouver in November, 2002. Since then, the CCNC has organized 10 more highly successful annual meetings where representatives from municipalities, arts organizations, provincial and federal government agencies and others can meet to share ideas, connect, and work together to build vital infrastructure for arts and cultural development in Canada.

Building on the success of our inaugural Creative City Summit in Whitehorse, Yukon in 2008, Creative City Network of Canada annual meetings follow the Summit format beginning in 2011 through 2014. The Summit is designed to be more intimate and interactive to provide practitioners with a platform to exchange ideas and learn from their peers. These meetings are 2.5 days, and include study tours of the host municipality.



Public Art can celebrate a community's history or a particular site, inspire people to look at their environment in a new way, and bring creativity into the public realm. It is also a central part of community building and local cultural development. As such, the CCNC is committed to connecting everyone involved in public art such as artists, public art officers, curators, conservators, installation crews, foundries, private donors, citizens and businesses to raise the level of Public Art practice in communities across Canada.


The purpose of the Cultural Statistics Consortium is to safeguard and fund culture data in Canada.  CCNC joins Canadian Heritage and Provincial and Territorial governments, as well as other key sector and industry leaders, in this initiative. This initiative was part of carrying out CCNC's 20122014 Strategic Plan to develop a network research consortium.


The Creative City Network of Canada is pleased to publish the Creative City News, a free monthly e-Newsletter which provides news from CCNC members and information on current events and activities in communities across Canada and abroad. Visit the Creative City News E-news page to sign up for this valuable resource.

Note: During 2020, the Creative City News e-newsletter has been put on hold. Updates to the news format will come in 2021. 



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Totem Detail, Victoria, BC