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The Creative City Network of Canada (CCNC) offers a platform for networking, celebrating excellence and forging new partnerships in the fields of cultural planning, cultural research,  public art, events, heritage, and other forms of cultural programming.


  • Connect with knowledgeable peers working in culture across the country

  • Access to best practices, tool kits and peers across the country

  • Feature your organization’s peer-reviewed achievements at the Public Art Year in Review, peer to peer sessions, and the national CCNC Award of Excellence Program at the annual Creative City Summit

  • Learn from experts through keynote speeches, webinars, and feature articles in the Member News (returning in 2021)

  • Feature your municipality as a Creative City by hosting the annual Creative City Summit

  • Join working groups, subcommittees, or special project teams 

  • Become a municipal partner in the Cultural Statistics Consortium and receive invaluable data on the direct economic impact of culture in your city (local GDP and job data statistics in all major culture categories)

  • Be a part of a network that is increasingly involved in international cultural conferences as Canada continues to attract attention and praise for its cultural resources and planning that have been nurtured by, and featured through our Network


2021 Membership

We are excited to share some changes coming to CCNC Membership in the new year. 

Beginning on January 1, 2021, membership will become a 12-month subscription.

  • Once payment is received, members have full access to benefits until the same date next year.
  • Sign up for automatic payments through your  Members Portal profile  to make sure your benefits never lapse, or receive reminders to renew as the expiration date approaches. 

The Members Portal will be redesigned to better foster connection and collaboration between members across the country.

  • Build a Profile for your Municipality, Band Council, or Organization to house your Culture Plan, cultural documents for sharing, and a description of your work and identity.
  • Your Profile Administrator will invite the team to create their own Accounts under your Profile, identifying the roles that make up your team and adding contact information to better connect across the country. Make sure to add a comprehensive list of interests on your personal account so your colleagues can get in touch on topics and projects within your wheelhouse. 

Our new website will give members access to colleagues via the searchable Members Portal contact list and the new discussion forum.

  • This forum will take the place of the CCNC ListServ. Don't worry if you like to have ListServ messages land in your inbox; there is an optional email notification feature on each discussion board!

Full update on membership benefits coming soon!



  1. Pay directly and securely on the site itself.
  2. Send a cheque.
  3. Pay through Electronic Fund Transfer.
Membership begins at time of payment receipt. Receipts of payment will live privately in your Profile with the option to email them to a designated Profile Administrator.




Please contact .

Background Photo Credit:
Sanderson Centre for the Performing Arts, Brantford, ON