2016-2017 Richmond Street Banner Contest

City of Richmond

2016-2017 Richmond Street Banner Contest

The 2016-2017 Street Banner Contest will be accepting entries from August 19 through September 30. Please review the contest rules and guidelines below for more information on how to enter the contest and technical specifications for all contest entries.

Download the banner contest rules and guidelines here:

This year’s theme follows the Canada 150 tagline:
One nation, hundreds of cultures, thousands of communities, millions of people, and limitless stories. Inspiring Richmond to welcome our future.

We are accepting entries for the following visual art categories:
·  Photography
·  Digital Art
·  Collage
·  Painting and Illustration
·  Printmaking
To apply, download the online submission form here:
For more information, please contact the Parks Programs Coordinator at 604-247-4453 or email parksprograms@richmond.ca.