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Corus Quay building, Toronto, ON - Photo by Christopher Jones


Edmonton, AB
Open Call for Edmonton Based Artists
Edmonton Arts Council


This is an open call to Edmonton-based artists issued by the Edmonton Arts Council, on behalf of the City of Edmonton for public art projects under $20,000.00.

This is not a specific call for projects, it is a request to keep your portfolio on file at the EAC. 

All artists are welcome to submit a complete portfolio, based on the the attached entry form, to be included in the Edmonton Public Art Artist Portfolio Collection. 

The EAC acknowledges growth in artistic careers and welcomes artists to update their portfolio on file.

Deadline for Submissions:  ONGOING

Click to download the Portfolio Submission Form

Stony Plain, AB
Request for Proposals - Downtown Interactive Artwork Project
Town of Stony Plain
March 29, 2017
Link >>


Opportunity: Request for Proposals

The Town of Stony Plain (the “Town”) is pleased to announce a competition for one interactive artwork (the “Work”) to be placed in the exterior alcove of the building located at 5115-5117 50th Street (the “Location”). Both individual artists and artist teams are eligible to apply. The Work will take into consideration the characterization of Main Street as the heart of the town and will encompass a component to actively engage the audience as they pass by. 


Budget:                                                $13,500.00 (CAD) (maximum, all inclusive, excluding GST)


Deadline for Proposals:                      March 29, 2017


Completion Date:                                August 11, 2017


 Enquiries:                                                All enquiries and related responses will be posted to


                                                                        Address Enquiries:

                                                                        Chantelle Laberge

                                                                        Culture and Tourism Development Officer

                                                                        Town of Stony Plain

                                                                        Phone: 780-963-8592




This project is part of the Stony Plain Public Art Program. This program is funded by a percent for art policy which is designed to enhance the visibility of public art works throughout the community. The selected work will be permanently installed in the downtown core. (Note: The Town reserves the right to move or de-accession the artwork if necessary and will make every effort to notify the artist if applicable.)


Site Background

The corner lot of Main Street (50th Avenue) and 52nd Avenue was originally the site of a two-storey implement agency owned by George Imeson, which began business in approximately 1906. The agency was one of the first businesses to begin operation in the community and carried farm machinery, equipment, buggies and wagons. During this time the top floor of the building was used as the buggy/wagon display area. The implement business was later operated by Ducholke and Wudel.  At some point in the original building’s history the top floor was used as a dance hall. The lot beside this building was empty for many years and served as a ‘parking lot’ for horses and wagons, and occasionally fairs were held there.


A new building was constructed on the two lots in 1959 and was known as the ‘Balkan Building’, named after the owner/contractor. It housed Provincial offices and included a courthouse and treasury branch. The building has had a number of owners and undergone several renovations throughout the years. Various businesses have been located in the building, including the Credit Union (1990-2003) and currently Drayden Insurance. The exterior alcove, in which the Work will be installed, was an entrance way when the building held the courthouse.


Public Art Opportunity

This call to artists includes one distinct interactive piece or series of any size providing it fits within the prescribed installation space (see Appendix A: Installation Location and Dimensions) without encroaching on the sidewalk. There are no specified media requirements.


Artwork Design Parameters

The artwork must adhere to the following design parameters:

  • Engage passers-by through interactive component  which is independently operational as there is no access to electricity on site;
  • Appropriate for family and general community viewing/usage;
  • Does not impede business operations of Main Street (i.e. extremely loud, distracting to traffic, strongly scented, etc.);
  • Does not pose a risk of injury to the public;
  • Meet fire codes with respect to flammability, etc.;
  • Is vandal resistant;
  • Artist is responsible for installation after consultation with the Town (the Work may only be affixed to the ground and must not cause damage to the building);
  • Artist must meet all occupational health and safety standards for this type of work are met.
  • Meet all Alberta building codes standards (where applicable).


Artwork Permanence/Performance

All artwork proposals will receive a preliminary conservation review for permanence of materials and construction methods in order to proactively address maintenance and conservation concerns. The Town of Stony Plain supports the artistic process while ensuring that all commissioned artworks are high quality, durable and maintainable.

As this artwork is located outdoors and in the public realm, it is important that durable materials are used. Artwork proposals should take into consideration the location in which they will be sited. This can include, but is not limited to, sunlight exposure, physical environment risks and audience interactions.


Terms of Competition

The winning artwork will be chosen through a one-stage jury process. Members of the Public Art Committee will act as the  include representation as follows: Town of Stony Plain staff person(s), an architect or engineer, artist representatives, site owner/tenant, community member(s). The Committee is under no obligation to choose any finalist and all decisions are final. The Town of Stony Plain reserves the right to revoke the competition for this public art request for proposals/public art project.


Communication with the Selection Committee

The Town of Stony Plain will be responsible for all communication, either verbal or written, between artists making submissions and members of the Public Art Committee. Any communication between applicants and Public Art Committee members regarding submissions or the competition may result in disqualification.


Mandatory Entry Requirements

  • Mail or hand deliver submissions, applications will not be accepted by email, fax or any kind of file sharing software/website (i.e. Dropbox, Google Drive).
  • Include all written materials as separate files on a USB flash drive or CD and as hardcopies on 8.5x11 letter size paper. The written portion of the submissions should be one-sided and each section should begin on a new page. Please do not bind, staple or use any type of covering device (i.e. binder, duo-tang, plastic cover).
  • Visual documentation must only be submitted as digital files as outlined below (no printed images are required). They are to be included on the same USB flash drive/CD as the written submission.


Submissions must include the following to qualify for consideration in the competition (incomplete applications will not be accepted);


  1. Covering Page - Must include competition name and number, artist/team name, address, phone number, email and website (if applicable).
  2. Letter of Intent ­- Outline your interest in this project, how it relates to your art practice and how you would approach this project as an artist. (One page maximum suggested)
  3. Artist Statement and Bio - (One page maximum suggested)
  4. Curriculum Vitae - Detailing professional experience as an artist, prior public art experience and any other relevant information. (Three page maximum suggested)
  5. References - Three, with a minimum of two from public art commissioning agents, clients or consultants. Please provide current contact information.
  6. Visual Documentation - Previous public artworks or artworks that best illustrate a body of work related to the project. Include a maximum of 10 individual images (jpeg files only, minimum 150 dpi, 6”x9” images). Each image must be numbered to correspond with the Visual Documentation List.
  7. Visual Documentation List - The list must be numbered to correspond with the images submitted and include for each artwork; title, date, location(s), commissioning agent/client, budget, medium, size and a brief description. This information is to be submitted as a separate written list and not to be included on the image file.
  8. Proposal Descriptions - One summary of the proposed artwork (100 word maximum suggested) and one full written description (two page maximum suggested) of the proposed artwork including detailed artist’s concept, size, material/medium of piece and recommended maintenance requirements.
  9. Proposal Images - Preliminary representations, drawings or renderings of the proposed artwork submitted on 8”x11” paper and suitable for photocopying.
  10. Budget - One completed project budget form is to be included in the submission. Budget for the proposed artwork not to exceed the maximum, all-inclusive total of $13,500 CAD (excluding GST) (including but not limited to: installation, relevant site locates, transportation, local accommodation/per diem, artist’s fee, studio fees, materials and insurance). (See Appendix C: Budget Form)
  11. Timeline - Acknowledgement that the project can be completed according to the timeline. (See Appendix B: Timeline)

Competition Evaluation Criteria

Submission must meet Mandatory Entry Requirements 1 through 11 above to be evaluated.




Score 1 – 5


Suitability of the proposed project: understanding of project theme, requirements/objectives and the approach taken to interactive component.



Score x 10

Additional Proposal Considerations:

Use of materials to ensure vandalism resistance, maximum life span, ease of maintenance       



Score x5

Proponent Qualifications: experience of Proponent/project team in delivering similar services; technical capability, capacity, skills and qualifications



Score x4

Price:  Lowest price is awarded full point value.  Subsequent proposal prices are divided into lowest price to determine percentage of point value to award.



Score x1









Submission Deadline

Submit to:

Town of Stony Plain

4905-51 Avenue

Stony Plain, AB  T7Z 1Y1

Attention: Chantelle Laberge, Culture and Tourism Development Officer


Complete submissions must be received in office no later than 4:00 p.m. (MST) on Wednesday, March 29, 2017. As above submissions will not be accepted by email, fax or file sharing software/websites.


Return of Submissions

Following completion of the competition, applications will be kept on file and the artist’s name added to the Stony Plain Artist Registry. If the artist wishes their application returned a self-addressed, postage-paid envelope must be included in the submission. In the latter case the artist withdraws their name from the artist registry.


Loss or Damage

While every precaution will be taken to prevent loss or damage, the Public Art Committee, the Town of Stony Plain and their agents shall not be liable for any loss or damage, however caused.


Exposure for Public Harm

The artist will be required to repair the work should an exposure for public harm be found at any time during the installation or up to one year after the installation of the work.



The total commission for the artwork is $13,500 CAD (all inclusive, excluding GST) and must cover all costs associated with the design, fabrication and on-site installation of the Work.


Original Work

The artist must guarantee that the artwork is original and does not violate the copyright of any other person.



The artist(s) will enter into a contract with the Town of Stony Plain.



The artist(s) must be prepared to assign ownership and exhibition/image license rights of the Work to the Town in perpetuity. It is understood that the image license rights allow the Town to reproduce the Work for reporting, educational, marketing and promotional reasons. Further reproduction rights may be negotiated. The artist may retain the copyright and the right to be identified as the creator of the Work. The Town of Stony Plain will not alter the artwork for purposes of maintenance, conservation, etc. without prior consultation with the artist, where applicable. The artist shall indemnify against any claims of copyright infringement.


Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy

This personal information is being collected for the Town of Stony Plain under the authority of Section 33c of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act and will be used to create and retain the Cultural Development Program Artist Registry. The personal information provided will be protected in accordance with Part 2 of the Act. If you have any questions regarding the collection, use and disclosure of personal information, please contact the FOIP Coordinator at 780-963-2151.


Edmonton, AB
Call to Edmonton Artists: Ivor Dent Sports Park (RFP)
Edmonton Arts Council
April 28, 2017
Link >>


Call to Edmonton Artists :: Ivor Dent Sports Park (RFP)
The Ivor Dent Sports Park public art competition, open to professional Artists residing in Edmonton and surrounding area, is held in accordance with the City of Edmonton policy "Percent for Art to Provide and Encourage Art in Public Areas" (C458C).
The Edmonton Arts Council Public Art Program, on behalf of the City of Edmonton, seeks an artist or artist team to create a series of artistic elements to be attached to light poles lining the park entrance.
This artwork opportunity is highly visible and will lend a welcoming, celebratory, vibrant, and visually stimulating element to the park entrance. As the first thing seen by visitors, the artwork will lead them in, and pique their interest. No theme is directly proposed; artwork celebrating the spirit of inclusivity inherent in sports communities may be considered.
$24,000.00 CAD (maximum, all inclusive)
Deadline for Submissions:
4:30 pm on Friday, April 28, 2017
Summer/Fall 2017
For more information, please contact Public Art Officer Chelsea Boida - or call 780.424.2787 ext 229
Click to download the Call -
Wednesday, April 5, 2017, 5:00 pm - 6:15 pm

Lestock Lounge Room 218 B, 2nd Floor - Prince of Wales Armouries, 10440 108 Avenue, Edmonton, AB
(click here for a building access map)
RSVP is required by Monday, April 3, 2017 - the event will be cancelled with low response, please email

City of Edmonton & EAC Public Art personnel will outline the specifics of the project and requirements.
Fort McMurray, AB
Timberlea Park Graffiti Abatement Mural Project
Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo
April 27, 2017
Link >>


The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (RMWB) seeks to review proposals of artist or artist teams specializing in outdoor murals.


The RMWB intends to commission an artist or artist team to design and install murals on four storage sheds at Timberlea Community Park. The murals will cover the entire exterior of each shed.


The artwork must adhere to the following parameters:

  • Ensure artwork installation process does not pose a risk of injury to the public;
  • Artwork must be finished with graffiti resistant coating (provided by artist or artist team);
  • Artwork must appeal to a wide, culturally diverse audience and be suitable for all ages;
  • Artwork is located in the public realm, therefore subject matter must be considered.


The budget for this project is $30,000 CAD, all inclusive. The budget includes all costs associated with the projected including, but not limited to: artist design fee, travel/accommodations, meals for the artist/artist team, materials, equipment costs, transportation and installation.


As part of an ongoing effort to promote and cultivate local art and artists, the artist/artist team commissioned will be expected to host two community workshops during the installation process. The parameters of the workshop include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Artist/artist team will provide a hands-on , on-site workshop specifically for local teens;
  • Artist/artist team, in partnership with RMWB, will host a hands-on, on-site workshop for the general public;
  • The cost to facilitate workshops (plus any promotion) will be covered by the RMWB.


This project is open to all artists/artist teams, age 18 and over, residing in Canada.


Thursday, April 27, 2017 at 2:00 p.m. MST

For more information and to view the complete call, click here.


Contact Shaunna Blackmore at 


Calgary, AB
Call to Artists - Print Media and Literary Leads
City of Calgary
April 14, 2017
Link >>



The intention of this Call to Artists is to select artists based on qualifications, experience and references. Design concepts and prices are not required.

The City of Calgary Public Art Program, in collaboration with Alberta Printmakers and Loft 112, are seeking up to two professional artists with established literary and/or printmaking and community engagement experience to co-lead a six-week workshop series resulting in the development and execution of temporary utility box artworks on a selected corridor. 

The Public Art Program has a vision to build a diverse collection and encourages artists working in suitable media to apply. Safety, durability, low maintenance, vandalism resistance and exposure to sunlight and variations in temperature and weather conditions must be considered due to the public nature and usage of the boxes. Artists should have experience working in public spaces, be able to work within the existing parameters of the site, be able to work collaboratively and have a history of working within set budgets. Previous experience with successful community engagement is required.


The all-inclusive lead artist budget is $10,000 per lead artist (printmaking and literary)

Submission Deadline:

Thursday, April 14, 2017 at 4:00 p.m. MST. No extensions will be granted and late submissions will not be considered.

*Disbursements will be made throughout the project as per a negotiated schedule of deliverables. The project will be awarded through a two-stage selection process. Stage one to short list based on qualifications and stage two for interviews.

Application Requirements:

To apply and to view the call in its entirety, click here.

British Columbia

New Westminster, BC
CFQ - Queensborough Design Build Public Art Bus Shelter
City of New Westminster
March 30, 2017
Link >>


Over the past 20 years, a trend has emerged of incorporating public art into transit operations. Cities and transportation agencies are coming to understand the many benefits of public art, which range from increased ridership through improved aesthetics and increased vibrancy, to improving relationships with the community.


The City of New Westminster’s Public Art Program, in partnership with the City’s Engineering Department is inviting artists or artist/fabricator teams to submit their qualifications to be considered for a design build public art inspired bus shelter, to be installed in front of the Queensborough Community Centre, along Ewen Avenue in Queensborough. The shelter should adhere to the same footprint as outlined in the attached bus shelter specification, and have the same functional requirements. In addition to the technical specifications, ensuring that the bus shelter is fully inclusive, the following additional considerations are noted:

- there needs to be at least 1.5m of clear sidewalk width between the shelter wall and the bus stop ID pole
- the shelter needs to be designed in such a way as to not obscure the bus driver’s view of passengers seated in the shelter (i.e. no barrier or opaque wall on the approach side of the shelter)
- the shelter needs to include wayfinding information for people who require local area information or who may be lost or confused
- benches need to be integrated and designed for people with disabilities and seniors (i.e. back rests; arm rests)
- the shelter must be adequately lit for safety and functionality
- designs which include stripes should be avoided as they can be confusing, disorienting or distracting at night for people with visual or cognitive impairments, and;
- there should be integrated knobs or hooks for people to hang shopping and other bags, to avoid having them placed on the wet pavement when passengers need a rest.


This project aims to be a showcase for inclusive design that is improving the rider experience for people of all ages and abilities, connecting with the community, and increasing local exposure of public art while deterring vandalism of public property. The project will maximize the opportunity for creativity and art in transit and beautify the surrounding area.

DEADLINE: March 30, 2017

The total budget available to artist(s) team is $74,000. Artwork budget must be inclusive of all costs including (but not limited to) artist fees, studio overhead, consultant fees (i.e. structural design, electrical, etc), artwork fabrication, site preparation, traffic control, travel, transportation, installation, all taxes and general liability insurance.


This project is open to professional artists and artist/fabricator teams. Past experience in fabrication and public art design is a requirement for this call. Qualified artists will have experience working collaboratively with other professional disciplines. City of New Westminster Council, staff and the City’s Public Art Advisory Committee members, selection panel members, project personnel and immediate family members are not eligible to apply.

The artist or artist team will be selected for this commission through an open call process coupled with finalist interviews. The five person selection panel will comprise the City of New Westminster’s Transportation Manager, City of New Westminster’s Open Space Planner, community member from Queensborough, a PAAC member and an artist professional. The invited artists will be requested to attend an interview to discuss their work, past approaches, working methods, and answer questions related to this opportunity. The selection panel will then recommend one artist or artist/fabricator team for the commission. Shortlisted artists will be provided an honorarium for their presentations.


An artist or artist team will be selected on the following criteria:
1. Quality and strength of past work and ability to create and contribute a strong conceptual framework for artistic expression to be reflected in the bus shelter design.
2. Strong verbal, visual, written communication skills, good people and planning skills are required. The artist is expected to participate in collaborative design development, and assist in the translation of final recommendations into construction documents.
3. Accessibility and availability to be able to attend in-person meetings to engage City Staff and design team consultants in New Westminster. It is imperative that the artist is available to begin work in Summer 2017.


Deadline for Call for Qualifications: March 30, 2017
Selection Panel Meeting: April 19, 2017
Finalist Notification: April 21, 2017
Finalist Interviews: April 26, 2017
Contract Issued: Spring 2017
Construction: Summer 2017
*Dates are subject to change


Part 1: Applicant contact information.
CV— Three-page (maximum) current professional CV.
STATEMENT OF INTEREST — 300 words (or less) that explain the artist’s current practice and how their practice would respond to the posted selection criteria.
REFERENCES — Applicants to provide the names, titles and contact telephone and e-mail of three (3) references who can speak to your ability, skills and experience.
Part 2: WORK SAMPLES — Applicants should submit 10 samples of past work (one image per page) that best illustrate their qualifications for this project.
a. Images –Images will be digitally projected on a screen.
b. Applicants will be required to list the title, date of completion, medium, and dimensions on each work sample on the digital image slide
c. In a separate document (maximum 2 pages), applicants are encouraged to include information identifying the commissioning entity, budget, specific role and responsibilities and project partners. Please provide a brief description (50 words or less) of each work sample.
d. Please do not submit preliminary sketches for the project at this stage.


Submissions may be provided to the City either by email, uploaded to the City’s FTP site, or delivered in hard copy, on or before the deadline for submissions, as follows:
a) Email:
If the Artist chooses to submit by email, the Artist must submit their information electronically in pdf files to the City at
PDF emailed submissions are preferred and the City will confirm receipt of emails. Note that the maximum file size the City can receive is 10Mb. If sending large email attachments, Artists should phone to confirm receipt. An Artist bears all risk that the City’s equipment functions properly so that the City receives the submission on time.

b) FTP site upload:
c) Hard Copy:
If the Artist chooses NOT to submit by email or FTP site, the Artist should submit one (1) original and one (1) copy (two in total) which must be delivered to the City in a sealed package addressed to:
Queensborough Design Build Public Art Inspired Bus Shelter
Attn: Purchasing Manager
C/O: Main Reception Desk, City of New Westminster, 511 Royal Avenue
New Westminster, BC, V3L 1H9
Regardless of the Artist’s delivery method (electronic or hard copy) the City will not consider late submissions.

Biliana Velkova, MFA
Arts Coordinator, Office of the CAO
City of New Westminster

Richmond, BC
RFQ - Art Wrap Program Artist Roster Artist Call
City of Richmond
March 30, 2017
Link >>


The Richmond Public Art Program invites artists residing in the BC Lower Mainland to submit applications to be considered for a thirty (30) member artist roster for 2017-2019. The artists on the roster will be automatically considered for commission, to provide one original artwork in a digital format for a series of art wraps on utility boxes located in and around Richmond. Artists may be selected for one or more utility boxes.

Artist Fee:
Up to $1,200 CAD per utility box, based on size and number of utility boxes per commission.

Deadline: Thursday, March 30, 2017 by 5:00 p.m. PST.

Spring 2017 to Spring 2019

For more information and how to  apply for this opportunity please visit:
Victoria, BC
PupUp at the Square
City of Victoria


Calling all urban designers, industrial designers, architects, landscape architects, contemporary artists and creative types! Apply to create a playful pop-up installation for kids of all ages in Centennial Square, in the heart of Victoria’s vibrant downtown.


The jury’s choice will receive a $5,000 award and up to $50,000 for the design, build and install an imaginative creation in Victoria's signature public square. The People’s Choice will receive a $1,000 award.


Centennial Square is located downtown next to Victoria’s City Hall, at Douglas Street and Pandora Avenue.

Submission Deadline:

Design packages must be submitted online by 4 p.m. PST on March 30, 2017.


The winner and the People's Choice will be announced on May 2. Installation will take place in early July to be enjoyed during the summer and fall.

Jury Details:

A panel of qualified jurors will judge submissions based on the following criteria: play value, relationship to events, local context, robustness, feasibility.

Application Information:

For more information, click here.

New Westminster, BC
Community Banners Public Art Program
City of New Westminster
April 17, 2017
Link >>



Local artists are invited to submit designs to be considered for the City of New Westminster’s Community Banners Public Art Program. The program aims to highlight local artists, enhance the public space and provide context to the area and activities that occur within the community. The banners will be located along 6th Street, from Columbia Street to 5th Avenue. This call is open to emerging and established artists, working in two dimensional media, who reside or have a studio practice in New Westminster. The selected artist will be paid an honorarium of $750.00 for up to 3 designs.


Please submit the following information:

  • Name, current address and phone number
  • Up to 3 designs of proposed artwork (file size specifications – see below)
  • Brief artist statement
  • Current CV

Banners size specifications:

The banners will be printed on denier dacron and will be 24″x 72″ in size, which includes a 3.5” sleeve on the top and bottom.

File Specifications:

File formats: Adobe Illustrator AI or EPS or Adobe Photoshop

  • Do not convert to PDF format. Use Press Quality PDF format ONLY if you are working in an application other than Illustrator or Photoshop.
  • Files must be prepared to scale at 100% finished size
  • If your files must be scaled down, use ratios of 1:4 or 1:12
  • Any elements already in vector format should remain in vector format
  • Do not save or convert a vector file or element to a raster/bitmap (Photoshop) format
  • All non Pantone colours, photos or rastorized elements should remain in original colour space
  • (e.g. do not convert RGB to CMYK) or created in RGB mode for the widest possible colour gamut.
  • All photos or rastorized elements should be at maximum 120-180 ppi at the 100% finished size
  • Please keep your submission under 8MB in file size

To submit:

Please email your submission to

For more information please contact:

Biliana Velkova, Arts Coordinator

T 604.515.3822

Anvil Centre, 777 Columbia Street
New Westminster, BC V3M 1B6

Contact Name: Biliana Velkova
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: (604) 515-3822


Winnipeg, MB
Southwest Rapid Transitway (7 Opportunities)
Winnipeg Arts Council
April 20, 2017
Link >>


National Call to Artists for Expression of Interest and Qualifications for seven locations along the new Southwest Rapid Transitway in Winnipeg, Manitoba, located on Treaty 1 territory.

The Southwest Rapid Transitway being built in the Fort Garry region of Winnipeg will integrate public artwork as part of the expansion. This includes applied work on overpasses, freestanding sculptural work at community gateways, and station details. The Winnipeg Arts Council invites professional artists residing in Canada to apply to these seven public art calls for the Parker, McGillivray, Chevrier, Plaza, Chancellor, and Markham sections of the development.


Thursday, April 20, 2017 at 4:00 p.m.


Variable (see individual numbered opportunities)

Interested artists must submit a complete application package to be considered. Artists are welcome to apply for as many of the opportunities as they like, but separate Expressions of Interest must be submitted for each project.

Download: Call-to-Artists and Application Forms

Download: Public Art Guide for Artists

For more information, click here.



Peterborough, ON
Call to Canadian Artists - Public Art - UN Peacekeepers Monument
City of Peterborough
April 3, 2017
Link >>


The City of Peterborough invites Canadian artists and design teams to submit their credentials, examples of prior experience and a conceptual approach for a public art competition to create the UN Peacekeepers Monument in the City’s new Urban Park.


This is a two-stage national call open to professional artists and designers who are permanent residents of Canada.


DEADLINE: Monday, April 3, 2017


Project Background and Intent


The City of Peterborough’s Public Art Program helps to create culturally enriched public spaces that are not only safe and comfortable, but also foster a sense of place and an emotional attachment to Peterborough’s urban and natural environment.


This initiative is being developed in partnership with and sponsored by the Peterborough chapter of the UN Peacekeepers Association (CAVUNP). Since 1947 United Nations Forces have performed peacekeeping duties worldwide. Through a variety of means the CAVUNP endeavours to inform the public about the role of peacekeeping and to honour and express gratitude for sacrifices made in the service of peace.


The UN Peacekeepers Monument Project will support innovative proposals from both emerging and established artists working in a range of disciplines and media. Beyond improving the appearance of the chosen location, the artwork should in some manner consider the community in which it will be installed, the spirit of peacekeeping and the role that Canada plays in bringing peace to the world.



The site of City of Peterborough’s new Urban Park is in central downtown in a zone which transitions from the commercial downtown to residential. The site is framed by Charlotte, Aylmer, King and Louis Streets.

The proposed location of the UN Peacekeepers monument is a nine-meter square area at the north end of the park, on lands currently occupied by the Louis Street municipal parking lot. More Information about the park’s key features and proposed programming can be found HERE


The final design of the park, including confirmation of the artwork’s location on the site will be available for Stage II invitees. The expected completion of the park and the monument is late 2018.



Total project budget: $95,000





This is a two-stage national call open to professional artists and designers who are permanent residents of Canada. The design team leader must be an accomplished artist or designer partnered with a professional architect or landscape architect, engineer fabricators and constructors able to complete the installation.



All Stage I Submissions should be made online here.

You will be asked to include the following:

  1. Proposal/Project Description (1-page max)
  2. Bio (250 words max)
  3. Current CV (3 pages max)
  4. Visual Support Material with Support Material List (15 images max)


Please select all support material that reveals your experience and expertise as related to your proposal.


A preliminary perspective drawing included in the Visual Support Material and the Project Description should clearly illustrate the applicant’s intentions and conceptual approach.


Visual Support Material should be labeled numerically with the applicant’s name (01_name.jpg, 02_name.jpg, etc.).


The Support Material List should include title of work, date created, medium, and dimensions.


If you wish to include video documentation it should be uploaded to a site such as YouTube or Vimeo and linked in the application. Regardless of duration, please include full videos. Due to time constraints, the selections committee may only view up to five minutes of each video. Please note the clip you would prefer the jury view by including time marks in the documentation list.


Applications that do not adhere to these criteria or are incomplete will be disqualified.

All applicants will be notified with the jury’s Stage I decision by late April.


Applicants invited to Stage II of the competition will be expected to provide a maquette, and a detailed project budget outlining expenses including but not limited to: artist fees, materials, equipment, fabrication, installation, travel and accommodation costs and all applicable taxes. More details will be provided to Stage II invitees.




Stage II (By Invitation)


In the second stage, a short-list of three (3) finalists from Stage I will be paid $1500 to further develop and present their proposals to the jury. Finalists will be reimbursed for travel expenses to Peterborough including meals and accommodation up to a maximum of $1500. Receipts and a summary of expenses will be required.   


Stage II Submission Requirements Include:

  1. A Detailed Schematic Drawing/Design and Maquette for the Location 
  2. Description of Methodology 
  3. Materials and Technical Requirements
  4. Project Budget
  5. Project Plan and Timeline
  6. Maintenance Requirements


Selection Process & Criteria


A jury composed of five (5) voting members will vet all submissions. Jurors will include a member of the local branch of the Peterborough chapter of the United Nations Peacekeepers Association, two members of the Public Art Advisory Committee and two members at large with interests or expertise in contemporary art, architecture, design, engineering, history, or cultural tourism. The jury will choose a finalist whose work and experience best suits the scope of this project, and who has demonstrated an ability to realize a public artwork appropriate to the park. In addition to artistic merit and viability, proposals will be judged in relation to the City of Peterborough’s Municipal Cultural Plan and Public Art Initiative and the CAVUNP’s aims and ideals. For more information please see:


Municipal Cultural Plan Public Art Initiatives


The City’s Public Art Advisory Committee and Arts, Culture and Heritage Committee (ACHAC) will receive the jury’s findings.


Project Timeline


Submissions Deadline                                                      April 3, 2017

Short List Announced                                                        Late April

Stage II Selection Process                                              May 2017

Finalist Notification                                                            June 2017

Project Completion                                                            Late 2018


About this Opportunity


This call for proposals is being administered by the City of Peterborough’s Public Art Program in partnership with the Peterborough Chapter of the UN Peacekeepers Association.

Please direct questions to:

Wendy Trusler

Public Art Coordinator; City of Peterborough



Brantford, ON
Call for Artists - Lawren Harris Public Art Project
City of Brantford
March 31, 2017
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Glenhyrst Art Gallery of Brant
and the Lawren Harris Movement Committee




GLENHYRST ART GALLERY is seeking Artists and Artist-Led Teams to submit proposals to create a permanent piece of public art to be located in downtown Brantford, adjacent to the Brantford Public Library.

Artists will be selected by a partner-led jury through a process involving a written statement of approach, qualifications, and submission of a detailed proposal by selected artists.

Award:   $45,000 (including HST, if applicable)

First Submission Deadline: March 31, 2017 at 5:00 PM (EST)

Pickering, ON
Youth Public Art Competition
City of Pickering
April 13, 2017
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The City of Pickering invites young artists, between the ages of 12 and 25, currently residing in Ontario, Canada, to submit art concepts and designs fora Permanent Public Art installation in Pickering, on the theme "I am Ontario".

The City's Community Services Division is managing the project in collaboration with other City departments.

The intent of the Youth Public Art Competition is to:

  • Celebrate youth art excellence in Ontario;
  • Promote Canadian values, culture and history;
  • Generate national pride and bring citizens together to celebration Ontario 150, and;
  • Create a public art legacy for Pickering in celebration of Ontario 150.

There will be two stages to the selection of a winning art piece, as described further in the Call (under Section 6 - Selection Process and Criteria).


This project has received grant funding from the Province of Ontario, as part of Ontario 150 Community Celebration Program. The anticipated all-inclusive budget to fabricate, deliver to site and install the work is $10,000.


  1. An artist statement, no longer than one-page in length, outlining what "I am Ontario means to them and how it is reflected in their art concept design.
  2. A photograph, drawing or painting (size should not exceed 3 ft wide by 2 feet tall) or a sculpture (size should not exceed 2 feet tall) that could be transformed into a permanent public art installation. 


Submissions are due via email, mail or in person by Thursday, April 13, 2017 at 4:00 p.m.


Mail or in person: Youth Public Art Competition, City of Pickering, Customer Care Centre, One the Esplanade, Pickering ON L1V 6K7

For more information and to view the complete call, click here.

Richmond Hill, ON
Artist in Residence
Town of Richmond Hill
May 4, 2017
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Are you interested in creating artwork for outdoor public spaces? Richmond Hill is seeking submissions from artists for its pilot Artist in Residence program.

Please note that this is not a live-in residency.

The Artist in Residence pilot program will provide one professional artist, or one collective of artists, with the opportunity to develop a new piece of work with the stated purpose of engaging the community and animating outdoor public spaces through the creation of a temporary installation(s) or creative experience.


The overarching goals of the Artist in Residence program are to:

  • Animate outdoor public space(s)
  • Foster accessible, inviting and fun community engagement in arts;
  • Support the creation of vibrant places and spaces in Richmond Hill;
  • Create opportunities for intercultural exchange;
  • Provide an opportunity for an artist(s) to build their portfolio and body of work; and
  • Offer opportunities for residents and visitors to experience art in non-traditional spaces and in non-traditional forms.


Richmond Hill has identified multiple community engagement sites across the town. These sites have been identified as those that have higher pedestrian traffic. The artist(s) will work in collaboration to identify the most ideal site(s) for the proposed work. Please note that all sites are outdoors and may not have any permanent structures onsite in the event of inclement weather.

  • Downtown core - Yonge Street from Major Mackenzie Drive to Crosby Ave.
  • Farmers Market - Elgin Barrow Arena
  • Mill Pond Park
  • Lake Wilcox Park
  • Richmond Green Park
  • Richmond Hill Central Library


  1. Read the Artist in Residence Program Guidelines to determine if you are eligible to apply.
  2. Complete the online Artist in Residence Application Form and provide all supporting documents.
  3. Submit by May 4, 2017 at 4:00 p.m.


Please contact Gillian hards, Cultural Services Coordinator at or by calling 905-508-7012 ext. 228.


To view the complete call, click here.