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DIY Field by Germaine Koh, Winnipeg, MB - Photo by Leif Norman


Canmore, AB
Arts and Culture Master Plan [RPF]
Town of Canmore
November 1, 2018
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Organization: Town of Canmore
Location: Canmore, Alberta, Canada
Deadline: November 1, 2018

The Arts and Culture Master Plan will be a comprehensive review and assessment of the Town’s and community’s current and future state. It will include a community-wide analysis of arts and culture services and service providers including a robust community engagement plan and significant stakeholder engagement. There will be an overarching vision, recommendations and actionable items that will integrate arts and culture broadly, efficiently, and effectively within the community. It will include an implementation, monitoring and evaluation plan including timeline and financial impact and a change management plan. It will articulate a sustainable, long-term vision aimed at advancing arts and culture capacity and development in Canmore and a plan on how the vision will unfold.

Red Deer, AB
2019 Canada Winter Games festival - Temporary Art Installation Call for Submissions
The City of Red Deer
October 2, 2018
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The City of Red Deer is seeking submissions for a temporary art installation that creates an engaging and dynamic entryway to the 2019 Canada Winter Games festival site.
Artist’s concepts are sought that use sculptural, textile, inflatable, or mixed media to emphasize and designate the entryway and/or surrounding proximity through light, physical elements, sound, or movement.  The selected artwork will be displayed for a period of two weeks at the entryway of the 2019 Canada Winter Games festival site.



Red Deer is the Host City for the 2019 Canada Winter Games from February 15th until March 3rd, 2019. Featuring 19 sports and an arts and cultural festival, the 2019 Canada Winter Games will be one of the largest events in Alberta’s history and Red Deer’s first Canada Games. Red Deer and central Alberta will welcome up to 3,600 athletes, managers and coaches, and over 20,000 visitors for the event.
The City of Red Deer, in partnership with the 2019 Canada Winter Games Host Society, is organizing a cultural festival spanning the full two weeks of the 2019 Canada Winter Games to celebrate the diversity of arts and culture in Red Deer, Alberta and Canada.
The City of Red Deer acknowledges the ancestral and traditional Indigenous territories of Treaty 6 and Treaty 7 nations. This region is also recognized as a historical Métis gathering site.



The temporary art installation that will be featured at the entrance to the 2019 Winter Games Arts and Cultural Festival provides an opportunity for an artist or artistic team to exhibit their work to a diverse audience. As this is a focal point to those attending the festival, it should be dynamic and interactive, while attracting attention through the use of light and other evocative elements such as sound, visual aesthetics or movement. The use of pillars or an archway could be part of the design however creative interpretations for defining the area as an entryway are encouraged.



Entrance to the Gary W. Harris Celebration Plaza /the festival site.
The width of the existing pathway is 72 inches.



Evaluations will be made based on the artistic concept, artist’s experience with similar projects, suitability for the site, and public safety. Shortlisted artists need to be available for interviews in person or via Skype the first week of October. 



Submission Period Start: September 4, 2018
Submission Period End: October 2, 2018
Evaluation Period: October 3, to October 12, 2018
Awarded By: October 15, 2018
Installation Timeline: Installed by February 11, 2019
Exhibition Dates: February 15, 2019 to March 2, 2019
Take down & Removal: March 2-3, 2019



Applicants must include the following in their proposal:

  • Application Form
  • Short Biography
  • Digital Portfolio up to 5 examples of relevant past projects
  • Description of the proposed artwork as well as addressing:
  • How the design and materials of the artwork withstand outdoor winter elements including snow, strong winds, and extremely cold temperatures.
  • How the artwork will be engaging during the day and at night.
  • How the artwork and/or supporting structure will be physically sound and suitably secured for public safety.
  • Project Delivery and Installation Plan includes, but not limited to, fabrication timeline, onsite build timeline, contingency planning (production/build delays and weather, etc.), detail of resources and labor that the artist will have onsite and removal plan.
  • Project Budget - detailed & itemized, not exceeding $10,000
  • Mockup of Design (Images and specifications for the proposed piece)
  • Material List (materials must be suitable for outdoor winter weather and must be accounted for in the Project Budget)


Applications and all inquiries related to this project are being accepted via email:
Kelly Andres, Public Art Coordinator:
All attachments must be uploaded at the time of the application
All attachments must be numbered and identified, first + last name, title of the work.



The successful applicant will be awarded a contract of $10,000 which includes all artist expenses, fees and travel.
A contract will be signed by both parties prior to the dispersal of funds according to the following payment schedule:

  • 50% upon signing of contract
  • 30% upon confirmation that the project is 3/4 complete
  • 20% upon completion of take down and removal of installation

Further Requirements: A mandatory light/power/AV test will take place prior to the festival opening day. Date to be agreed upon by the artist and the Public Art Coordinator. The artist is responsible for the transportation, installation, maintenance and removal of their work. The artist is expected to maintain the aesthetic of the exhibit over the two weeks, as required.

British Columbia

West Vancouver, BC
Call to Artists / Expression of Interest EOI18 175
District of West Vancouver
September 27, 2018
Link >>


The District of West Vancouver invites expressions of interest from artists or artist teams to design and integrate a site-specific public art at the West Vancouver Municipal Hall, 750 – 17th Street, West Vancouver, BC, Canada.

This opportunity is open to professional artists and artist teams who demonstrate the following attributes:

  • Are able to meet the deadlines and stay within approved budget.
  • Have the skills and experience required to manage all phases of the implementation from design to installation.
  • Open to artists from all nationalities.
  • An understanding of the vision and themes as stated below.

The site for the public art is at the exterior of the main entrance to Municipal Hall either between the old building and the new wing, off 17th Street or in front of the entrance along 17th Street.
The installation will engage pedestrians along 17th Street and visitors to Municipal Hall.

The artwork:

  • Should provide an engaging visual art aesthetic that is visible to people moving through the neighbourhood as well as accessing West Vancouver Municipal Hall.
  • Should consider the context of the location and architecture of the old and new buildings.
  • Should be approachable and inclusive to a broad demographic and variety of cultures. Be positive and convey a sense of welcome to visitors to Municipal Hall.
  • May be more than one piece and pieces can vary in size but final installation should be large enough to have a significant visual presence to command attention from people passing by.
  • There is no preference for materials but piece(s) must withstand weather and generally not require frequent and/or expensive maintenance.
  • Could consider themes related to the geographical setting of West Vancouver, community history, and/or reflect the activity of the space as a community amenity.


  • A maximum budget of $74,000 (Canadian funds) has been allocated for the commissioning of the artwork. The sum is inclusive of all artists’ fees, technical consulting, insurance requirements, fabrication, site preparation, installation, documentation, travel expenses, taxes, and all other related costs. 

Submission Requirements
Artist(s) are requested to provide the following information in their EOI response:

  1. Name of artist and/or artists with contact information including full mailing address, an email address and telephone number;
  2. One-page letter outlining the artist’s conceptual approach to this project;
  3. Resume or CV of each artist who will be assigned to the project;
  4. Up to 12 images showing previous examples of the artist’s work (digital images submitted in .jpeg file format, on a thumb drive, or hard copy portfolio)
  5. A corresponding image list indicating the artist’s title, date, medium, location and value;
  6. A Video or DVD may be submitted if no longer than five minutes in duration; and
  7. References.

If awarded, the successful artist(s) will be required to provide the following documentation:

  1. A Commercial General Liability Insurance policy with a limit of not less than Two Million dollars inclusive per occurrence. The insurance certificate will name the District of West Vancouver as additional insured and be in a format acceptable to the District. Insurance certificate should also name members of the selection panel as additional insured.
  2. A clearance letter from Work Safe BC providing evidence that their firm is in good standing.
  3. If the Artist(s) does not have the benefit of mandatory workers compensation coverage under the Workers Compensation Act, the Artist(s) must apply for and maintain personal optional protection insurance (consisting of income replacement and medical care coverage) during the term of the contract at their expense if such personal optional protection insurance is available for the Artist(s) from WorkSafeBC or other source.

Closing date and Time
Submit your Expression of Interest (6 hard copy sets of written materials and one flash drive of images required) by September 27, 2018 at 2:00 p.m. local time to:

The District of West Vancouver
Attn: Clay Nelson, Purchasing Manager
750 17th Street, West Vancouver, BC, Canada, V7V 3T3
P: 604.925.7062  E:


Please download and carefully review the complete Art Call before submitting. 


Inquiries regarding this project may be directed to:

Doti Niedermayer, Senior Manager, Cultural Services

P:  604.921.2938  E:

North Vancouver, BC
Semisch Park Public Art - Expression of Interest
City of North Vancouver Public Art Program
September 28, 2018
Link >>


This is a call for Expressions of Interest (EOI) from the City of North Vancouver Public Art Program, seeking an artist or artist team to create and install a site specific Public Art project as part of the 2018-19 renewal of Semisch Park in the vibrant and growing Lower Lonsdale neighbourhood of North Vancouver.


Semisch park functions as a pedestrian corridor with a play area and spectacular views to Burrard Inlet and downtown Vancouver.   The park is composed of two areas to the north and south of West 2nd Street.  The City of North Vancouver will be making improvements to the park area to the south of West 2nd Street and the West 1st Street park entrance.  The overall aim of the project is to upgrade the existing infrastructure, improve accessibility, and create new engaging play opportunities.


The public art project created for Semisch Park will deliver bold visual impact, create a socially engaging park element that sparks dialogue and intrigue and provide ongoing interest and relevance for park users. It is envisioned that the public art project could be designed as a playful element incorporated into one of the park entrances (1st or 2nd Street) or integrated with another aspect of the overall park design. 


This public art call invites expressions of interest from all professional Artists or Artist Teams that have the demonstrated creative expertise and technical skills to manage all phases of the process from design development through to installation, in coordination with the project contractors and municipal staff.   Demonstrated experience working collaboratively with a landscape architect or architect as well as familiarity with playground safety standards would be an asset.

Eligibility guidelines: Local, Regional, National and International professional artist or artist teams.
Budget: $55,000 CAD
DEADLINE:  4:00 pm Sept. 28, 2018


Full details and PDF available for download here:


Send via email to:
Subject line: Semisch Park - (Artist Last Name)

Send via mail to (on a memory stick):
NV Public Art Program
851 West Queens Road,
North Vancouver, BC, V7N 4E3
Attention: Lori Phillips, Public Art Officer


ALL APPLICATIONS MUST BE RECEIVED BY: Friday, September 28, 2018 by 4:00 p.m.


Contact Email:
Contact name: Lori Phillips, Public Art Officer

North Vancouver, BC
Public Art Call for Expressions of Interest - St. Georges Ave North Vancouver
City of North Vancouver
November 15, 2018
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Chard Development Ltd., through the City of North Vancouver Developer Public Art Program seeks an artist or artist team to create a public artwork for their mixed-use, purpose-built rental redevelopment at 1441 St. Georges Avenue in the heart of Central Lonsdale in the City of North Vancouver.

Located east of Lonsdale Avenue and across the street from Lions Gate Hospital, the project site is bounded by East 15th Street to the north, St Georges Avenue to the east and a rear lane to the south. The location marks the subtle transition between two distinct areas, bridging the commercial zone of Lonsdale Avenue with the residential zone to the east. The eastern part of the site consists of an existing 16-storey purpose built rental tower. The western part of the project includes a new 23-storey mixed-use rental building above double height, street level retail space with an inter-block pedestrian corridor and plaza. The goal is to further reinforce and enhance the pedestrian experience at street level. The walkway and plaza are provided as a public amenity space for residents, visitors and the community.

This public walkway would be an ideal location for public art as it will activate and highlight the burgeoning mid-block pedestrian network through the Central Lonsdale area. The artwork could be one stand alone piece, serving as a landmark or gateway into the space or a series of stand alone works could lead one further into the pedestrian space, creating a sense of discovery or rhythm.

Artists are welcome to propose different approaches to this public art project.

Open to artists and artist teams based in Western Canada.

Budget $64,000 CAD

Deadline: November 15, 2018

All submissions and inquiries are to be emailed to:

Kimberly Simpson, Durante Kreuk Ltd


Please visit the website to download complete project package.
Kelowna, BC
Expression of Interest - Kelowna Community Health & Services Centre
City of Kelowna Public Art Program
September 28, 2018
Link >>


Call-to- Artist: Expression of Interest and Qualifications (Stage 1)

By: City of Kelowna Public Art Program
Project: Kelowna Community Health & Services Centre
Budget: $75,000 CAD
Submit by: 4pm PT. Friday, September 28, 2018


The City of Kelowna, through its Public Art Program, announces the commissioning of a site-specific artwork to be located at the Kelowna Community Health & Services Centre (KCHSC) within Kelowna’s downtown. The commission is a partnership between the City of Kelowna, Bentall Kennedy (Canada) and B.C. Interior Health.

Commission Brief:

Interior Health’s vision is ‘every person matters’. This commission presents an opportunity to articulate, in an artistic manner, the relationship between health and the well-being of individuals and their communities. No theme or material for the artwork has been determined and it can be either abstract or figurative. Artists are encouraged to explore their own ideas and thoughts in response to this brief.

Selection Process
This is the first of a two-stage selection process. Stage 1 consists of a call-to-artist for their expression of interest and qualifications. This first stage does not require the preparation of a design proposal. The selection of (5) shortlisted artists to participate in Stage 2 will be determined by the City’s public art selection committee based on demonstrated experience and perceived abilities in the following areas: excellence in public art; enhancement of community and place; artistic merit and originality; and technical considerations

A maximum budget of $75,000 CAD, exclusive of GST tax, has been allocated for the commissioning of the artwork. This sum is inclusive of all Artists’ fees, technical consulting, insurance requirements, fabrication, installation, documentation, travel expenses and all other related costs.

Submission Requirements:
The City invites those artists interested to submit their letter of expression of interest, along with CV and examples of their works, to the City of Kelowna prior to the deadline closure 4pm PT, Friday, September 28, 2018.

Artist Eligibility and Document Link:
This competition is open to all professional artists and artist-led teams as defined by the Canadian Council for the Arts.
Those artists interested are required to register electronically in order to download the full Artist Call-Out document and submit their information.
All enquiries pertaining to this call-out are to be submitted electronically by registering and accessing the project link and going to the corresponding webpage, and using the Message section. Registered parties will be notified by an email of updates, changes and other responses to enquires.
Please do not submit proposals at this time. Those shortlisted artists will be contacted in mid-October and invited to submit a concept design and proposal.

Richmond, BC
Artists Engaging Community Program [RFP]
City of Richmond
October 3, 2018
Link >>


The City of Richmond Public Art Program seeks two (2) artists or artist teams with socially oriented practices to engage diverse and multigenerational audiences in two unique public art opportunities. Artists are invited to choose one of two opportunities, working in collaboration with: Richmond Nature Park Society and Minoru Chapel in partnership with City Centre Community Centre. These project-based artist-inresidence opportunities invite emerging and professional artists to imagine innovative ways to engage seniors, adults, youth and children in the making of artwork and foster individual creative expression, multigenerational and cross-cultural exchange, and community building. 

Budget: $10,000, Richmond Nature Park

$10,000, Minoru Chapel / City Centre Community Centre

Eligibility: Artists residing in British Columbia
Deadline: Wednesday, October 3, 2018, 5:00 p.m.
Duration: January – December 2019


There are two (2) opportunities for community-based artworks, in collaboration with the following community partners:

  • Opportunity 1: Richmond Nature Park Society, Richmond Nature Park
  • Opportunity 2: Minoru Chapel, Minoru Park / City Centre Community

Association, City Centre Community Centre Artists are encouraged to choose the opportunity that best fits their interests, skills and experience by reviewing the opportunity profiles. Artists can apply only to one of the two opportunities. 


Open to emerging and professional artists and artist teams residing in British Columbia. City of Richmond employees and Richmond Public Art Advisory Members are not eligible to apply. 


Please download and carefully review the complete Public Art Call.

E-mail all documentation as one (1) PDF document, not to exceed a file size of 5 MB to:

  • INFORMATION FORM – Please complete the information form attached to this document.
  • STATEMENT OF INTENT – One page maximum, explaining proposed conceptual approach to the work, why the artist is interested in this opportunity and how the project responds to the specific aims of the project opportunity.
  • ARTIST CV – (One page maximum). Teams should include one page for each member.
  • WORK SAMPLES – Up to ten (10) examples of previous work. Please include artist name(s), title, year, location and medium information as captions on the bottom of each image page.
  • REFERENCES – Three references who can speak to your abilities and accomplishments. Provide contact name, title, phone number and e-mail. 
Victoria, BC
2019 Call For Artists Application
Oak Bay Parks, Recreation & Culture
November 30, 2018
Link >>


Public Art in Oak Bay is Alive and Well and Happening!

About Oak Bay

The municipality of Oak Bay, part of Greater Victoria, is located on the south eastern tip of Vancouver Island. Surrounded by beaches and parkland, its scenery includes splendid views across the Strait of Juan de Fuca and Salish Sea. Oak Bay is legendary for its fine domestic architecture, its picturesque gardens and for its "old world" atmosphere. This geologically fascinating area is also home to the unique and rare Garry Oak Meadow ecosystem. Our 18,000 residents have a deep attachment to our natural and built environment. We have a majority of the region's art galleries and many resident artists and arts enthusiasts. Now in its fifth year of development, the Oak Bay Public Art Strategy program, ArtsAlive Oak Bay, with its Arts Laureate position, is an expression of our municipality's support for a flourishing arts environment for the economic, social and personal benefit of our entire community.

About ArtsAlive Oak Bay
For the past five years, in a variety of locations around Oak Bay, the Public Art Committee installed outdoor sculptural artworks — from stylized realistic pieces to the purely abstract, in various media including several moving wind works. They were all greatly appreciated for their artistic merit and challenged us to pause and reflect about living in this special seaside community, proud of its distinct heritage even as it contemplates its future as a vibrant place to live and work.

Invitation To Artists/Sculptors

  • Artists are invited to submit proposals for our 2019 public sculpture program.
  • Work will be displayed for approximately 1 year.
  • Proposals will be reviewed by a jury of art professionals and citizen enthusiasts.
  • Up to 13 pieces to be selected and installed in secure, highly visible outdoor locations.
  • The public will be invited to vote on a People's Choice Award. This piece will be considered for purchase by the Municipality up to a fair market value of $18,000.
  • Sculptures valued over $18,000 will be considered for exhibition and sale only. A commission of 10% of the  sale of any sculpture will go to ArtsAlive to be used for the development of the program.
  • Through this annual program, Oak Bay intends to develop a public art collection for permanent display.

Benefits to the Artist
This is an excellent opportunity for artists to showcase their work, imagination and talent. Thousands of local residents and visitors will be exposed to the work in this high profile program. The municipality, local media, Tourism Victoria and Tourism Oak Bay will promote this show throughout the year. Related art events like art walks, paint-ins, and celebrations will be organized, guaranteeing more excitement and community participation.

Financial Support
Successful submissions will be provided with an honorarium of $1,000 and a travel/delivery budget of up to $500.
Works selected by the committee (in the People’s Choice Category) will also be eligible to be chosen for the People's Choice Award. This winning piece will be considered for eventual purchase up to fair market value of $18,000, and inclusion in Oak Bay's permanent public art collection pending municipal budget approvals. A commission of 10% of the sale of any sculpture will go to ArtsAlive to be used for the development of the program. Therefore, artists must also agree to make their piece available for the municipality to purchase for fair market value (to a maximum of $18,000). Should such funding approvals be successful the purchase would take place in 2020.
Artists may sell or lease their works at the end of the show (with the exception of the People's Choice winner).

2019 Theme: Confluence
Objects and forces, links and connections, ideas and images can join in vigorous and often surprising ways. Think of iconic images of the ever-stirring Salish Sea, rock-strewn, glaciated coastal terrain, multihued Garry Oak and camas fields, all flowing onwards and merging as our natural, living landscape. Consider the human dimension, through time and topography as people assemble in changing relationships with each other and the environment. The confluence of First Nations and others as expressed in artifact and recall, amount to ever-shifting layers of memory, known and unknown.
Artists are invited to submit proposals for sculpture, public artworks in various media that reflect the theme of Confluence.

How to Apply
We invite your submission by completing an application form which provides more precise information for artists regarding timeline, design specifications, and financial support.



Toronto, ON
Call to Artists: Scarlett Road Bridge Artwork [EOI]
City of Toronto
October 1, 2018
Link >>


Value of the Awarded Commission: Approximately $500,000.00 (+HST) CDN

Deadline for Submissions: 4pm, Monday, October 1, 2018

The City of Toronto invites professional artists (including artist teams) to submit their Expression of Interest to the first stage of a competition for integrated public art works as part of the redesign of the Scarlett Road bridge, at the intersection of Scarlett Road, St. Clair Avenue and Dundas Street West in Toronto. The art component of this major new public space will be selected through an open two-stage competition, with a net budget of approximately $500,000.00 (+HST). The project budget includes all costs directly associated with the artwork: all fees for design, fabrication, installation, engineering and professional services, insurance, travel and other incidental expenses. The redesign of the intersection includes the replacement of the railway bridge above Scarlett Rd and the addition of one northbound lane and one southbound lane under the bridge, doubling the width of the underpass. Sidewalks will be improved throughout, and space added for future bike lanes on Dundas Street and Scarlett Road. Additional public realm improvements will include landscaping and the redesign of a small parkette to the north of the intersection. Once completed, public art will enhance the experience of pedestrians, cyclists and motorists in this improved public space. The design of these new multi-use facilities and public spaces is a joint project by Morrison Hershfield, Transportation Services, Urban Design, and Parks, Forestry and Recreation, with the aim of completion by Fall 2020.



The artwork will be integrated into the overall design of the site, which includes the underpass, extensive retaining walls along Dundas St., Scarlett Rd. and St. Clair Ave., sidewalks and parkette. Artists are asked to consider the site as a whole rather than selecting a single location. Given the range of potential sites, it is anticipated that proposals could include both two- and three-dimensional components, and a combination of materials, such as paint, tile, concrete formwork, coloured concrete, lighting elements, and small sculptural objects. Due to the many safety and maintenance requirements of bridges, underpasses and right-of-way sites, artists must be prepared to meet and work collaboratively with the City's Transportation and Engineering departments to refine proposals according to these parameters, which will also be included in the Terms of Reference for short-listed artists.



Please carefully review the complete Call to Artists online:

Toronto Arts & Culture Services invites professional artists to respond to this EOI by submitting a single document in pdf form:
This document must be labeled with the name of the artist and project (Last Name First Name Scarlett Rd.) and include:

  • CV (one for each team member, if applicable)
  • Brief artist statement outlining interest in project, showing relevant experience, ability, and general artistic approach. Do not include proposals at this stage.
  • Maximum ten (10) images of work, with caption including title, materials, dimensions, location, and commissioning body (if applicable). Audio / Video files may be provided via URL.
  • Names and contact information for two references (preferably from recent projects).

Submissions must be received by 4:00 PM, Monday, October 1, 2018.

Email submissions to:

  • Please use subject line: [surname], [first name] Scarlett Road
  • Submissions must not exceed 20 MB total size

Incomplete or late submissions, or those not in single pdf format will not be accepted.

We thank all respondents for their submissions but only applicants advancing to the second stage of the selection process will be contacted.

Contact Catherine Dean

Public Art Officer

(416) 395-0249