Authorial Acting MA and BA Program

The Academy of Performing Arts in Prague

Studies at our Department are focused on psychosomatically oriented approach to dramatic culture and creation, to authorship and concept of play. The key disciplines are Dialogical Acting with the Inner Partner, Authorial Reading and Authorial Presentation. The Department also conducts research in cooperation with the Institute for the Research and Study of Authorial Acting.


The Authorial Acting Program

  • A 2 year English Language MA Program.
  • A 3 year English Language BA Program.
  • Short-Term Studies are also available, with no degree requirements.

The Authorial Acting Program at DAMU comes out of the humanist and dialogical traditions. It views performance first and foremost as creative public behaviour. We cultivate creativity of body, voice and of mind in real-time by exploring acting through the lenses of different disciplines – this includes theatre performance. Students are encouraged to go beyond traditional forms of theatre, crossing boundaries and drawing on personal experiences in fields like education, social work and psychology.


Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Application Deadline: February 26th, 2018

Audition: March 12th, 2018

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Authorial Acting students are guided towards becoming creative personalities – capable of making and standing by their own authorial solo and group work based on their own personal themes. Students grow psychosomatically and gain experience in key areas of human expression: voice, speech, movement, acting, authorial reading, and Dialogical Acting with the Inner Partner (formerly known also as (Inter)acting with the Inner Partner), but also in philosophy, psychology and theatre history. Studies take the form of weekly studio and lecture classes supplemented with intensive workshops with accomplished pedagogues, theoreticians, performers and authors.

The Authorial Acting Program focuses on practical and theoretical explorations of the following questions:

  • What are authorship and creativity and what does it mean to be an author, a creator?
  • How does one discover and cultivate personal themes?
  • How can I / we share these themes in a performance situation, with the self fully and authentically present?
  • What sort of psychosomatic fitness does that require – and how can I study and develop it?
  • What is the social, political, and pedagogical significance of our work?

Students pursue multidisciplinary studies, both practical and theoretical, rooted in a psychosomatic (psycho-physical) understanding of the individual (e.g., Stanislavski, M. Chekhov, Brook, Donnellan, Vyskočil, Zarrilli) and a philosophical foundation stemming from humanism, personalism, and the dialogical self (e.g., Buber, Frankl, Fromm, Hermans).