Cultural Planning - An International Perspective (Online Workshop)

UBC Centre for Cultural Planning and Development

Online Workshop: Cultural Planning - An International Perspective
In this workshop we examine models, case studies and examples of cultural policy and planning at international, national and local levels from Europe, the Americas, and Asia. We identify key policy issues, discuss strategic alternatives and consider innovative perspectives on cultural policy that address key global issues such as sustainability, cultural development, cultural access and participation, democratic practices, social cohesion, intercultural dialogue, cultural diversity, and internationalization. We also address collaborative processes of cultural policy-making and cultural planning, international comparative analysis tools, and the evaluation of current cultural policies and their socio-economic impact.

This workshop is designed to fill the gap between a typical short webinar and a longer online course. Each workshop is led by an international expert, combines lectures and small group discussion, and meets online for two (2) hours, once a week for three weeks. There is also an online discussion board for sharing information and group discussion during the three weeks.  There is no grading.

Instructor: Dr. Lidia Varbanova

Standard Fee: $325 CAN

Three scheduled online sessions. Thu Apr 28, May 5 & May 12 from 11am-1pm PST/PDT.

Registration closes April 14, 2016

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This workshop can be applied to the UBC Certificate in Cultural Planning.