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    The Call for Nominations for the 2019 Awards of Excellence is now closed. Award recipients will be announced at the 2019 Creative City Summit in Saskatoon, SK, October 1-3, 2019.
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Public Art Award

Award Description:

The Award of Excellence – Public Art recognizes a Canadian municipality* that demonstrated visionary leadership by supporting an excellent program and process that led to a successful public art project or program.


This Award is open to a Canadian municipality* that unveiled a public art project within 24 months of the Awards Program submission deadline or has an ongoing public art program.

Award Criteria:
  1. Demonstrates excellence in the field of public art practice and arts administration.
  2. Exemplifies the power of public art to enhance connections between people, place and culture.
  3. Includes a public engagement component and the artwork - whether permanent or temporary - is accessible to the public.
  4. Demonstrates best practice to achieve the optimum fit among community aspirations, public benefit and artistic practice;
  5. Demonstrates, if applicable, a fair and equitable adjudication process;
  6. Facilitates community-building, cultural development, and community animation;
  7. Demonstrates, if applicable, best practice regarding: site selection, request for proposals, community engagement, installation, maintenance and strategic integration with local government services.

* Municipalities may self-nominate.

∗ Includes eligible organizations as outlined in General Eligibility for all Awards.

  • Municipal governments
  • Regional governments
  • Arts Councils
  • Band Councils

Public Art Award Nominations Form

Background Photo Credit:
Bythe Living Arts Centre, Mississauga, ON