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    The Call for Nominations for the 2018 Awards of Excellence is now open. The deadline for Nominations is April 16, 2018. Award receipts will be announced at the 2018 Summit in Mississauga, ON, November 6-8, 2018.
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    Diane Thorpe
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Cultural Planning Award

Award Description:

The Award of Excellence – Cultural Planning recognizes a Canadian municipality* that has developed, adopted, and implemented an excellent Culture Plan with a process that demonstrates outstanding visionary leadership and best practices in cultural planning or a Canadian municipality that has reviewed, revitalized and implemented a previously adopted Culture Plan.

Eligibility for Award:

This Award is open to a Canadian municipality* that developed, adopted and implemented a Culture Plan within 36 months of the Awards Program submission deadline. (This Award is also open to a Canadian municipality that has reviewed, revitalized, and implemented a previously adopted Culture Plan within 36 months of the Awards Program submission deadline).

Award Criteria:

  1. Demonstrates excellence in cultural planning practice;
  2. Demonstrates the collaborative processes of public engagement using creative engagement tools and techniques; and shows the integration of the information gathered from the public process;
  3. Embodies accessibility, diversity and inclusivity;
  4. Identifies, assesses, and leverages the municipality’s cultural assets and resources;
  5. Demonstrates a strategic integration with local government services;
  6. Demonstrates an effective implementation strategy, including monitoring and evaluation, where applicable;
  7. Contributes to vitality of the community through integration of all aspects of sustainability (cultural, social, economic and environmental);
  8. Encourages an innovative approach and a vision relevant to the community.

∗ Includes eligible organizations as outlined in General Eligibility for all Awards.

  • Municipal Governments
  • Regional Governments
  • Arts Councils
  • Band Councils

Step One - How It Works
This online process will allow you to submit your nomination online. It does not include a "save" function that would allow you to come back to your submission at a later date. Once you begin filling in the form you will need all your support materials and answers available in before closing the window.

Step Two - Review The Questions
Please review the questions and required supporting documents in advance. You can then prepare your submission in advance and submit online when you are ready.
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Step Three - Complete and Submit Form
Click on the Form below. Complete the form, upload your support materials and click "Submit".

Cultural Planning Award Nomination Form


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